Code of Conduct

Music For Canberra’s Code of Conduct


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to facilitate a safe and supportive environment for all staff and participating members of Music for Canberra (MFC), and for other people who take part in MFC’s activities. MFC’s annual program of activities across our range of classes and ensembles includes rehearsals, tutorials and workshops, concerts, camps and tours. Camps, tours and workshops may involve overnight accommodation.

In addition to these organised activities, interactions with members occur through inquiries in person at the MFC office, by telephone, email and via the website.

Music For Canberra’s Board and the CEO are committed to supporting MFC staff (includes administrative staff, tutors, conductors, managers and volunteers to the organization) to provide safe music programs.

Music For Canberra’s Board requires that all staff and volunteer managers hold a current Working with Vulnerable People card, issued by the ACT Government.

Music For Canberra will foster appropriate relationships between all MFC members, staff and students. Music For Canberra requires staff and volunteers to be nurturing and affirming in their personal interactions with MFC members.

Breadth of Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to members, staff and volunteers while participating in MFC activities and events. MFC activities include but are not limited to: concert bump-in and bump-out; rehearsals, concerts, transport to and from MFC activity, tea/dinner breaks, camps, tours, workshops, meetings or any other activity relevant to or requisite for the production of MFC musical or educational events.

Core Statements:

All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall respect the dignity of themselves and others, and act with consideration and good judgment in all inter-personal relationships.
All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall behave in a manner that is consistent with MFC’s policies, the requirements of the Working with Vulnerable People card and Australian Common Law.
All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall recognise that their words and actions are an example to other members of MFC and to the public, and behave in a manner appropriate to the expectations of the event that is consistent with the standards of the event.
All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall exercise appropriate physical contact with each other and those they come into contact with in the course of a MFC activity.
All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall not use MFC, or any MFC event, to promote beliefs, behaviors or practices where these are not compatible with the aims of MFC.
All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall recognise that physical or verbal abuse or any other form of abuse is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall exercise respect for the property of others, including materials loaned to them by MFC.
All MFC members, staff and volunteers shall not bring or consume illegal drugs or alcohol whilst on duty or whilst responsible for students.  Nor will MFC members, staff and volunteers attend any MFC activity under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
At activities within the music community that permits alcohol consumption, MFC staff and volunteers on duty should not consume alcohol whilst responsible for students, or in the presence of students, and consider the impact of alcohol on the effectiveness of their performance of duties.

Music For Canberra’s Expectations of Members

As a member of MFC (or a student under 16 associated with a financial member) you will be expected to undertake the following:

1: Demonstrate your commitment

Membership of MFC is a commitment commencing when you become a member (or student under 16 years associated with the financial member), and continuing until the expiry of your membership at the end of the calendar year. Attendance at all scheduled inductions, rehearsals, tutorials, camps, workshops and performances is required. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, members are required to notify the manager of their group or the office immediately on or leave a message on the office phone 02 6182 0030 if absent from a scheduled MFC commitment.

From time to time, members may be asked to assume a leadership role within their group.

2: Fulfil the requirements of your class, rehearsal, tutorial etc

Arrive at your [class, rehearsal, tutorial etc] an appropriate number of minutes before the scheduled start time, ready to assist in the setting up of the area, unpack and tune your instrument/s or warm up your voice, and be settled for the beginning of the [class, rehearsal, tutorial etc].

Bring all necessary equipment – music stand, pencil, eraser, water bottle as required by your tutor or conductor – and any music or rehearsal copies you are expected to bring.

Act courteously and refrain from talking while the conductor, manager, music officer or other representatives are communicating with the group or in areas where other groups are rehearsing.

Notify your manager or the office as soon as possible if you are going to be absent from a [class, rehearsal, tutorial etc] for any reason.

Wear appropriate dress.  It is important that we maintain a safe and appropriate learning environment for all. We also maintain this through respecting the organization, the rehearsal environment and each other by wearing appropriate clothes. Clothing which is revealing of underwear or judged by the supervising staff or volunteers to be inappropriate (see-through, ripped, too ill-fitting or provocative attire) are not permissible.   T-shirts and other clothing items with rude, suggestive or inappropriate pictures, messages or slogans are also not permitted, as are clothes that are inappropriate for the instrument (for example, wearing a mini skirt as a cellist).  Safe, enclosed shoes must be worn during your  [class, rehearsal, tutorial etc].  Students who are not dressed appropriately may be asked to address the issues immediately in their dress by putting on a jumper or t-shirt, or other appropriate work around to hand.  In extreme cases, the member may be asked to leave the rehearsal and return wearing something more suitable.  This decision is at the discretion of the supervising staff member and/or volunteer manager.

3: Exercise care of Music For Canberra property

You are to exercise due respect and care when using any MFC equipment during any MFC activity.

4: Fulfil performance requirements

Arrive at or before the time specified by your tutor, conductor, manager or the MFC office. This will usually be 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of a performance, in order to set up your instruments and tune & warm up.

Participate in all performances for which you have agreed to participate in and have been rehearsing.

Notify the relevant supervising staff member or volunteer manager at least 1 week in advance if you will be absent from any performance to which you are committed.

Wear appropriate concert dress, as directed in advance of the performance by your supervising staff member and/or volunteer manager, or the MFC office. Also please note:

· Runners  – even if they are black – are not permitted
· Consider appropriate hair styles and accessories to fit in with the concert dress
· Ensure your jewellery is appropriate to the occasion and not noisy (bracelets etc)
· Do not wear anything to create a distraction for the audience – e.g. a bright colored hair ribbon when all other players are required to dress in black

During performances, participants are expected to:

· Move on and off stage professionally, as advised by managers, conductors or stage managers
· Behave appropriately onstage as per expectations and instructions at all times
· Follow staff and other professional direction quickly and quietly
· Wait silently backstage for entrance to the stage area
· Sit quietly and listen attentively to other performers while you are not performing
· Be collected promptly at the conclusion of a performance.

As a member of Music For Canberra you can expect that MFC will:

· Provide opportunities for you to participate in and share musical experiences
· Provide a safe learning environment for you
· Provide supervision for members of MFC who are under 18 years during MFC activities
· Provide, where possible, students and ensembles for joint community projects

Music For Canberra’s Expectations of Paid and Volunteer Staff

As a staff member or volunteer of Music For Canberra you will be expected to comply with the following:

1: Fulfil the terms of your appointment

Tutors, conductors and other teaching staff:

· Ensure that you are present prior to the commencement of an activity to which you have been appointed, ready to begin at the scheduled time
· Ensure that you do not attend any MFC activity whilst under the influence of illegal and non-prescribed drugs or alcohol
· Ensure you are adequately prepared prior to the commencement of any MFC activity
· Submit any official communication intended for MFC students or parents to the MFC office for approval
· Ensure that communications with students and parents outside of formal avenues (newsletters, emails or other written documentation) always adheres to professional standards of appropriate communication, objectivity, accuracy, and politeness
· Commit to all further responsibilities which may be outlined in your individual staff contract

Managers and other volunteer staff:

· Assist the conductor in the welfare and efficient administration of the group you’re associated with, as per the current Volunteer Handbook (after induction with an office staff member at the commencement of your volunteering with MFC)
· Create an enjoyable environment where members can develop their skills through rehearsals, tutorials, performances and other related activities
· Communicate with the office and other members where relevant (upholding the privacy of members’ contact information, as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook) to ensure the smooth functioning of the MFC activity you are volunteering with

2. Fulfil your supervisory responsibilities

Ensure that you exercise your duty of care responsibilities by not leaving children or other vulnerable people unsupervised during any MFC activity.

3. Exercise appropriate interactions with participants, members and other paid or volunteer staff of Music For Canberra

Treat MFC members with respect and accept duty of care for their welfare, safety, and well being.

Respect everyone’s right to personal privacy at all times and take special care in relation to sleeping, changing clothing, bathing and use of toilets and bathrooms.

Accept that any adult associated with any MFC activity is not to undertake unaccompanied or unobserved activities with individual participant under the age of 18 years, to ensure the safety of all parties.

Do not inappropriately physically contact, nor verbally abuse any MFC participant, member, staff member, volunteer or member of the public. Understand that bullying, physical or verbal abuse, neglect or any other type of abuse is unacceptable conduct by any MFC member, staff member or volunteer.

Act with courtesy, consideration and good judgement in all interpersonal relationships at MFC activities.

You can expect that MFC will assist you in providing a safe music program through administrative support, appropriate venues for activities and appropriate equipment and resources, as communicated and planned between yourself and the relevant administrative staff members.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Any conduct seen or heard that does not comply with this code of conduct is to be reported to the MFC office by contacting the office to make an appointment to discuss a code of conduct issue.

Any breach of the code of conduct related to inappropriate interactions with children, young people or other vulnerable persons involved in or attending MFC activities may result in the expulsion from MFC of the person/s in bread of the code.

Any breach of the code of conduct related to illegal drugs, alcohol may result in suspension of MFC membership, or staff or volunteer appointment.

If printed music or other equipment belonging to MFC is lost or damaged through negligence or deliberate destruction, you will be charged for its replacement.

Behaviours which breach the code of conduct during any MFC activity (such as speaking when the supervising staff member is communicating with the group) may result in a member or participant being asked to leave a rehearsal, and parents (for those under 18 years) will be notified of any such action.

Where there are serious, numerous and/or regular breaches of the code of conduct resulting in a member being asked to leave a rehearsal, this may result in suspension or termination of that person’s MFC membership, including any associated students under the age of 16 years.


Last updated: May 2016