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Employment Opportunities at Music for Canberra

Music for Canberra is a not-for-profit Key Arts Organisation supported by ArtsACT and the Snow Foundation. Our small yet professional administrative team are committed to supporting our music teaching staff and over 600 students and members.

Music for Canberra provides excellence and accessibility in music to a broad range of clients including young children from 18 months, those living with disability, young children and youth, through to adults and active seniors. Our program of musical groups, lessons & workshops include “standard of excellence” ensembles, the Canberra Youth Orchestra and the Canberra Children’s Choir.

Music for Canberra believes in the importance of music in enriching the lives of all Canberrans, in improving feelings of social inclusion, self-confidence, meeting like-minded new friends, and broadening cognitive capacity through learning new skills – as well as giving back to the community via workshops and public performance.

Ongoing: Music Tutors

Tutors for various instruments are required at different times for employment at Music for Canberra, and we encourage musical educators to contact us with a current CV at any time, irrespective of whether we are currently advertising for your particular instrument/s.

Music for Canberra tutors are responsible for planning the program of learning and development for their individual and/or group students, and are expected to contribute to the performance program (as appropriate) by preparing participants for concerts and other events. Tutors are in turn fully supported by the MfC administrative team, who manage student & room bookings, student invoices, staff wages & superannuation payments, and other associated back-ground administrative duties. Musical tutors are employed on a casual basis.

Please send your Expression of Interest outlining your skills & experience relevant to the position, and current CV to info@musicforcanberra.org.au

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