Music for Canberra’s enrolments and payments for all classes have now moved online. You can now enrol, pay and view your lessons via our online portal!

If you are new to Music for Canberra, please follow this link to enrol.

The following instructions are for existing MfC members looking to re-enrol.

Please note that while enrolments are open to our members first, they are offered on a *first come, first served* basis. For this reason, we strongly encourage everyone wherever possible to re-enrol in your same lesson time for the new term as you had previously. However, we cannot guarantee this will be possible if that time has already been taken.

Don’t forget that all orchestra and ensemble participants must re-enrol for Term 2!


STEP 1: Click here to access the customer portal.

If you see the Music for Canberra branding, please follow the prompts to log in.

If you see the pictured display please:

  • Select ‘CODE’
  • Enter this code: NL5BLNEN

This will take you to the MfC portal. Follow the prompts to log in, if this is your first time logging in it will ask for some basic information.

STEP 2: Once you have logged in, you will be brought to the customer portal (see below). Click on <Classes> in the navigation bar to the left of the screen, and then click <Add Enrolments>.

STEP 3: Select which stream you want to enrol in. The portal will only allow you to enrol in one stream at a time. Those who want to enrol in multiple streams (e.g., an individual violin lesson and an orchestral program) are able to do one after the other.

STEP 4: Click <Select a Student> in the top right corner of the next page and choose the person you want to enrol. If you wish to add an additional student, click <Students> on the left of the screen. On the next screen click <+ Add Student> in the top right corner of the next page, add in the students details and click <Save> at the bottom of the page.

STEP 5: From here you will be given a timetable of available classes. Scroll to find your class, then select <Add> in the bottom right of the offering to add your selected lesson to your shopping cart. Please ensure that you select the correct instrument, as there may be multiple lessons offered at the same time. When finished, select <View Cart> in the top right of the page to review your selection/s and make your purchase with a credit or debt You will then receive a purchase confirmation and your enrolment is complete.