String Stream Term 4 Concert

Please join Camerata Strings, Sinfonietta Strings, the String Ensemble and Peg Mantle Strings in their 2nd String Stream concert for the year.

Saturday 7th December 2019, 2:30pm
Overture Hall, Orana Steiner School

About Camerata Strings
Camerata Strings is our youngest string ensemble that allows beginner string players the opportunity to participate in their first performance group and learn the fundamentals of ensemble technique, as well as working under the direction of a conductor for the first time. Camerata strings is conducted by our friendly, patient and supportive conductor, Mandy Philipse.

About Sinfonietta
The Sinfonietta Strings ensemble provides participants with the chance to work on the technical and musical skills involved in ensemble playing, from bow strokes and exploration of second and third positions to intonation, section balance and following a conductor. Sinfonietta is conducted by Kyle Ramsay-Daniel.

About String Ensemble
String Ensemble participants have the opportunity to consolidate and develop the technical skills they have learned in previous string ensemble groups & their additional individual tuition. String Ensemble is conducted by professional musician and music teacher, Jenny Higgs, who challenges young players to explore works from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, and contemporary works written for string ensembles.

About Peg Mantle Strings
As Music For Canberra’s most advanced youth string ensemble, Peg Mantle Strings focuses on developing the intricacies and skills required for advanced ensemble playing. Peg Mantle Strings is conducted by professional musician and music teacher, Tim Wickham, who challenges Peg Mantle Strings players to tackle a broad and mature performance repertoire.