Auditions for 2017 String Stream Orchestras

Auditions for the 2017 String Stream orchestras.

An additional round of auditions for Music For Canberra’s String Stream ensembles for 2017 will take place from on Saturday 4 February 2017.

Please register and select your timeslot (10 minutes per audition) here.

What can I expect at my audition?

An audition for a Music For Canberra orchestra lasts approximately 10 minutes. Two weeks prior to your audition date, you will be sent music to prepare. You can also access a printable PDF of Audition Instructions to help you prepare.

The audition panel will consist of two Music For Canberra conductors and they will ask you to perform:

  • 5 minutes of a solo work of your own choice, which you (and your instrumental teacher) feel exemplifies your skill
  • one piece of sight reading music which you have not seen before
  • set pieces which will be emailed to you ahead of your audition

Musicians must arrive at the Ainslie Arts Centre 20 minutes prior to their scheduled audition time to warm-up in designated “green rooms” and prepare for their audition.

How do I know which orchestra I should audition for?

Following your audition the panel will assess your suitability for the following orchestras.

Please note that our youngest String stream ensemble, Camerata, is not auditioned; contact the office to enquire about joining Camerata for 2017. Click through to read more about all of our groups to assess which group you might enjoy. If you would like to come along and take a look at one of the groups, and participate in a free trial, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office to arrange a free trial time.

Auditions for the Canberra Youth Orchestra, James McCusker Orchestra and the Canberra Children’s Choir are held separately; please see our Events page for any upcoming scheduled choral auditions, or contact the office to arrange a mid-term audition for the choirs. Our Training Choir, Youth Choir and Allegro or Vivace choirs for over 55’s are not auditioned, and welcome new members at all times throughout the year.

I want to play less formally – are there any groups I don’t have to audition for?

Music For Canberra also offers many other musical ensembles which you don’t need to audition for; if your personal musical goal is to play socially rather than pursuing a professional pathway, you may be interested in:

All of our groups perform throughout the year, and many of them will have upcoming events happening soon! Check our Events page regularly to see if the group you’re interested in is performing soon, and take a look through our event photo albums on Facebook to see what Music For Canberra students have been up to in the past.