The Colour of Sound: A Concert Series


Add some colour to your day and join Music for Canberra for:

The Colour of Sound: A Concert Series 

Bask in a warm and thrilling musical adventure on Sunday 20 June featuring the String Ensembles, James McCusker Orchestra and the Canberra Youth Orchestra. 

The Colour of Sound: The Frequency Spectrum showcases the range of string ensembles offered at Music for Canberra from our youngest students to our most advanced string students. The concert culminates in a performance from the James McCusker Orchestra. Listen to an array of musical tones, colours and styles and relish a vibrant pallet of pitch and sound. 

The Colour of Sound: Chromesthesia (Sound to Colour) presents the ACT’s premier youth orchestra the Canberra Youth Orchestra. Aimed at stimulating the aural and visual senses through the medium of orchestral music, let your mind explore the music with the variety of instrumentation and compositional devices employed in three major works presented by our ensemble. 

Where: Canberra Girls Grammar School, Senior Hall 

When: Sunday 20 June 

String Stream Ensembles and James McCusker Orchestra 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Canberra Youth Orchestra 6:00pm – 8:00pm