FAQs. Fees, and Enrollments

If you have any questions that we have not answered below, please email us at info@musicforcanberra.org.au and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Plans for Term 2
When will lessons be re-commencing?

Classes and lessons will commence for Term 2 on Tuesday 28 April 2020. We will deliver our programs via an online learning environment. The MfC online learning environment is powered by Google Classrooms, which is already being successfully used in a number of schools for music education, and at the ACT public schools. 

Where can I find out more about the programming?

Who would have thought that only a couple of short months ago our lives would be changed seemingly forever. We know that as families, you have all had to re-think everything!

Music for Canberra has also not been immune to these momentous changes and it has taken us longer than expected to firstly understand how the changes would affect us and secondly, to re-plan and strategise to make sure that all of you would still find much value in what we give to you! We will continue to work through the challenges with you, providing classes in a new format while reviewing whether we should do things differently once we are all allowed to meet face-to-face once again.

Online Learning via Google Classrooms
Tell me more about Online Learning with Google.

Google Classrooms is a platform developed for schools, to streamline the process of sharing information between teacher and students, it is in effect a virtual classroom environment. Google Classrooms utilizes the G suite applications, including Google Docs, Google Drive, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Google Calendar, Chat and Hangouts Meet to create the virtual classroom. Watch this short video to see it for yourself.

Google Hangouts Meet is the live video-conferencing application that will be the centrepiece of the classes. It is the business-oriented version of Google’s Hangouts platform and is in practice, very similar to skype, facetime, and other video conferencing products. It is simple and easy to use and enables users to make video calls with up to 30 users per high-definition video meeting. Click here to learn more about Google Hangouts Meet.

One of the advantages of utilizing the google classrooms platform is that all the products have been fully tested, and they work across android and IOS, mobile phones, iPads, laptops and PCs.

What happens if there is a disconnect during the online lesson?

We are testing Google Classrooms and Hangouts extensively and do not foresee this to be an issue. But if there is a disconnect and it is on your end, you should try to re-connect where possible to re-join the lesson. MfC staff plan to upload lesson materials in Google Classrooms so that students can review them in their own time and take the opportunity during lesson time to ask questions and seek clarifications.

Classes, Lessons and Rehearsals
Can we have a trial to see if Online Learning works?

The following groups and ensembles offer a complimentary trial for New Members. If you are not prepared to commit further, please send us an email within 5 working days after your trial to let us know, and no payment is required.

  • Choirs (Training choir, Children choir, Seasoned Voices)
  • Music Play and Music Craft
  • Mixed Ability Programs (MAP)
  • Group tuition classes for Children
  • Ukulele group classes (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Recorder group classes (Semi-quavers, Quavers, Crotchets, Minims, Semibreves)
  • Acoustic guitar group classes (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Hand drumming group classes
  • Drum-kit (played with the percussion mallet or beater) group classes

Youth Ensembles

  • Camerata string ensemble (open strings to AMEB 1)
  • Flute Ensembles (Quantz, Telemann, Boehm)
  • Brass Ensembles (Beginner Brass, Advanced Brass, Advanced Trumpet, Advanced Trombone)

Adult Ensembles

  • Recorders (Rocketstarters, Blockfluits)
  • Flute (Flute Trio, Flute Group)
  • Woodwind (Kaleidoscope)
  • Strings (Chamber Ensemble)

To find out more about the term two (2) program please click on this link.


Enrollment for Term 2 - For New Members
I’m a new student, how do I enrol?

For new students, you can check our Term 2 program here, send us an email indicating the following details and complete the online membership form

  • Name of parent
  • Name of student(s)
  • Program interested in
  • Date/Time of Program (if known)
  • Contact No.
Re-enrolling for term 2 - For current Members
How do we re-enrol for Term 2 online?

All students are automatically re-enrolled into the new term in your current program unless we have been informed in writing otherwise. For changes to your class(es), please email us at info@musicforcanberra.org.au

Current Members and Families of Current Members will be sent an invoice prior to Term 2 commencement. If you believe the invoice is in error, please email us as quickly as possible so we clarify or rectify as necessary.

What happened if I don’t want to enrol online for term 2?

Please email us immediately on info@musicforcanberra.org.au if you do not wish to enrol for Term 2. We will then delete your name from the class(es) you have been enrolled in from Term 1. We are sorry to see you go but hope to have you back with us sometime in the near future.

Please email our General Manager Peter on peter@musicforcanberra.org.au to arrange a confidential discussion regarding your cancellation and circumstances. Please note that all refunds incur a processing fee of $25 as per our cancellations policy

What is the process for securing a refund?

All inquiries pertaining to refunds with a more specific nature should be directed to General Manager Peter on peter@musicforcanberra.org.au so that we can have a confidential discussion regarding your options and so that we can ensure the process is as smooth as possible. 

Schedule, Fees & Commitment
Are fees remaining the same or will there be an adjustment?

Music for Canberra has decided that there will be a 20% discount for all group and ensemble classes in Term 2. Please note that Individual Lessons are still full price, the same as in Term 1. Please be assured that if we revise our fees and charges you will be informed immediately in writing. 

Do I have to commit to a term? Can I pay lesson by lesson?

All businesses require regular cash flow to pay for expenses such as employees’ salaries. When you commit to a term, we lock in the services of our tutors and support staff for the term. Your tutors make themselves available for the agreed time slot each week. This ensures tutors are adequately compensated, enabling them to have a deep commitment to providing a quality music education for you or your child. 

Does MfC run individual lessons or classes during ACT public School Holidays?

Not yet, but we have plans to introduce the option for ongoing individual lessons or classes in future. We will advise when this option becomes available. 

Do you provide financial hardship assistance?

We would like to inspire and support everyone to develop their musical abilities and appreciation. As a registered charity, donations of $2 and over to Music for Canberra are tax deductable. With the generosity of small and large donations received to date, we have capacity to offer some financial assistance and hope this will grow over time. If you would like to discuss making a donation or if you are seeking financial assistance please contact Peter our General Manager on peter@musicforcanberra.org.au

Musical Instruments
I don’t have the instrument at home, can MfC lend me one? (e.g. drum kit)

Better Music and DW Music are two large music stores in Canberra that provide instrument hire. MfC has a limited number of djembes that can be loaned to students on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email of General Manager Peter on peter@musicforcanberra.org.au if you’d like to discuss this option.

Concerts and Performances
Will there be any concerts or performances? Or recordings?

Due to current restrictions on gatherings and social distancing, we do not expect to be able to present any public concerts or performances for the next six (6) months. Some of our online classes will include recording projects and the precise details of those will vary from class to class. 

Homework and Recommendations
What are the recommendations for continuing to practice at home?

Recommended practice time depends largely on your level of your child’s level of playing ability. For example, for total beginners, 15 to 20 minutes per day is considered sufficient, although longer sessions are recommended as students become more advanced. 

Regular daily practice is needed to develop the co-ordination and strength necessary to play the instrument and should be a part of you or your child’s daily routine. All students should practice with the music at eye level, preferably using a music stand. Allowing the student to put the music on a table or bed or against the window is a sloppy practice and strongly discouraged.

Students should also note progress in a notebook to keep track of their learning. They may also wish to jot down questions or areas of difficulties so they can ask their tutors for guidance during lessons.

What else can I do at home to support my child’s music progression?

Our tutors are all qualified and experienced teachers who have the expertise to draw the best from your musician but they cannot do it without your support. Whether you are musically-literate or not, there are a number of ways you can help:

  • Take a positive attitude and interest in the music study of your child
  • Arrange a regular time for practise without interruptions in a quiet place with good light and a music stand
  • Ensure your child has a safe and secure place to keep the instrument when not in use
  • Encourage your child to perform for you at every opportunity
  • Be generous with praise and encouragement, especially towards the child’s efforts
Looking after yourselves and each other

This is a challenging time for us all. Many of us have family and friends who are being impacted both here and overseas. Please know the thoughts of our community are with you. MfC will do what it takes, to the best of our ability, to support our staff and members of our community during these hard times.

We have created a private Facebook group and are inviting MfC members to join this group. it is just one way to stay engaged with our community, we hope this will be a place to share stories, experience and a place to ask questions and support each other through this difficult period. Please click on here to join (insert hyperlink). We look forward to seeing you in the group.

Please take care of each other and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns on this email info@musicforcanberra.org.au. Thanks, for reading our continuing to support us. The Music for Canberra team.