Online Lessons for Term 2

Music for Canberra runs six different streams of activities. They are…

  1. Individual or Group Lessons
  2. Music Craft & Music Play
  3. Small Ensembles
  4. Choirs
  5. MAP (Mixed Abilities Program)
  6. Large Ensembles (Youth Orchestras)

The following relates to the planned Online Programs for term 2 and is listed individually for the six different streams mentioned above… If you have any questions, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  As you would appreciate, this is new for all of us, and we apologise if we are unable to respond as fast as you or we would like.

1. Individual or Group Lessons

At a basic level, these will not change at all. The lesson will continue with a teacher and a student(s). There will be some challenges such as the teacher not being able to assess the sound quality to the same degree. When there is more than one student in the class each member will need to play their parts individually as the present internet technology does not allow us to all play together in time. It is simply not possible. From experience, we know lessons over the internet can be highly successful, so any “cons” are definitely outweighed by the “pros”.

2. Music Craft and Music Play

Music Craft and Music Play are our Music appreciation and teaching programs for toddlers, pre-school and early Primary School aged children. They are exciting and fun and are loosely based around the proven philosophies of eminent music educators such as Kodaly. The only noticeable change in these great classes is that you will be having fun in your own lounge room instead of at Ainslie Arts Centre! And maybe will feel a little more “intimate”!

3. Small Ensembles

Small ensembles include all of the ensembles that normally rehearse at Ainslie Arts Centre, other than the String Orchestras. These classes will change somewhat due to us not being able to rehearse everyone together in “real time” because of time lag over the internet. You will all still get to play lots! But we will structure things a little differently and make sure it is fun and encouraging! Some things to look forward to include…

  • hearing your class-mates play a solo and then we can all comment encouragingly on it
  • discussion around topics such as performance anxiety / good breathing and blowing habits for wind and brass / bowing techniques for strings / meditative techniques to help with performance / theory / simple analysis to help us understand much more about the music
4. Choirs

We run three different types of choirs at Music for Canberra…

Children’s Training Choir / Children’s Choir / Seasoned Voices.

These three choirs will of course be online and as such we cannot sing together, BUT… we will do some amazing things, including having fun with simple acting (which will greatly enhance your singing capabilities), as well as mini-master-classes too. So don’t be bashful, stick around and join in the new online format as we explore and achieve great things together!

5. MAP (Mixed Abilities Program)

Our MAP programme will be quite similar to present, except that you as attendees will of course be in the comfort of your own home! We will have similar content including…

  • Welcome Song –
  • Greetings and sharing what you have been doing during the week
  • Percussion with even some home made instruments!
  • Action songs – like a dance but done in your seat!
  • Sing-a-longs – including songs you know and love! Hokey Pokey / You Are My Sunshine / Wheels On the Bus etc
  • Instrumental – we’re using amazing home instruments – sauce pans, cutlery, pencils, pens, a piece of paper that can be ripped, rice or beans in a plastic container, a bell, etc.
  • Karaoke
  • Farewell Song – This song closes the session, each participant is farewelled in the verses.

 We really encourage you to enrol in our MAP program as we understand how important personal interaction is to people of all abilities and those with different disabilities too!

6. Large Ensembles (Youth Orchestras)

String Ensemble
Peg Mantle Strings
James McCusker Orchestra
Canberra Youth Orchestra

Once again, it is not possible for us to rehearse in the traditional fashion due to internet technology limitations. However, all of our orchestras will run with a similar curriculum but which becomes more educationally advanced as we move from youngest to oldest.

Your conductor or leader will be able to provide more details on what they have in store for you in the coming weeks.

Enrollments for Term 2

MfC members who were enrolled in Term 1 should email MfC on to commence the re-enrolment process for Term 2 if we have not yet contacted you.