Music For Canberra’s 2016 AGM

May 9, 2016

Saturday 7th May 2016


A big thank you to all those members and staff who attended our 2016 Annual General Meeting, at 9:30am on Saturday 7th May 2016.

A quorum was met and exceeded, and thanks to everyone’s commitment it ran even shorter than anticipated at 50 minutes – a record!

A new Board of Directors was appointed (read our new appointments on the ‘Our Board‘ page).

We were moved by some exceptionally positive feedback from parents and members, commending both the work of our inaugural Board and the MFC administrative team for the efforts in bringing our two parent organisations together as one during 2015 – it was a very challenging year administratively so it was warming to hear such high praise from members of our musical community.

We would like to once again thank our out-going board members – Julian Hunt as Chair, Andrew Bailey as Treasurer, Dorothy O’Connor as Secretary, and Steven Lutze, Teresa Barnes & Michael Johns as Ordinary Members – for their incredible commitment and hard volunteer work all throughout 2015, MFC’s inaugural merge year. The administrative team cannot overstate our gratitude for your support and guidance, and many hours of volunteer work. We are pleased that inaugural Board members Peter Thrall & Anne Buck will continue on, Pete now in the position of Chair, and Anne as Secretary – their experience and corporate historical knowledge will be critical in supporting the new Board members and shaping the direction of MFC for the 2016-2017 year.

Please click through to read our CEO’s Annual Report 2015, which was presented at the AGM last weekend.

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