Drum Kit Lessons: 10+ years

Group lessons for children 10+ years learning drum kit

Mondays with Michelle

Our drum kit lessons are taught in a small class size of maximum 4 students, in our electronic drum kit lab, ensuring each student gets ample teacher contact time during the 45-minute weekly sessions. Students begin with learning the basics of rhythm & timing, before progressing onto more complex musical challenges.

In term 1 and term 3 each year we accept brand new students into our Beginner Drum Kit lessons; from here, students typically progress to learning in our continuing Drum Kit groups, in consultation with the teacher. In the continuing groups, children work on mastering their instrument, postural technique, learning more advanced musical notation & sight reading, and playing as part of a group.

Music For Canberra believes strongly in the importance of performance in improving the self-confidence and musical ability of students of all ages, and drum kit students who would like to are certainly encouraged to participate in our member concert events (but are under no pressure if they don’t wish to).

Drum-kit lessons:

Drum-kit beginners:
Please contact us for more information.

Drum-kit continuing:
Mondays 3.45 – 4.30pm  /  4.30 – 5.15pm  / 5.45 – 6.30pm / 6.30 – 7.15pm

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