Hand Drumming Group Lessons: 5+ years - Music For Canberra

Hand Drumming Group Lessons 5+ Years

Ainslie Arts Centre
Elouera Street,
Braddon ACT 2612
Term Fee: $260

Hand Drumming Group Lessons:

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Beginner - intermediate hand-drumming lessons for young musicians developing skills in rhythm and ensemble playing in a fun and friendly group environment.
Fridays from 3.15-3.45pm with Kapil Bhuta

Hand drumming is a great first instrument for young musicians. Students learn rhythmic patterns and hand drumming provides musicians with a strong rhythmic grounding – an important musical skill when learning any instrument.

Participants are exposed to a variety of hand drumming styles and techniques from across different cultures, using djembes, bongos and a broad range of other percussive instruments.

Throughout the year musicians work on mastering their instrument, postural technique, and learning more advanced musical notation and rhythmic patterns. Students may be interested in progressing to Drum Kit Group Lessons or individual drum lessons.

New participants are encouraged to come along for a free trial to make sure the class is at the right level – please contact us to find out more