Private Instrumental Music Lessons

30-minute weekly instrumental lessons, one-on-one

Weekdays with various teachers, per instrument

Although Music For Canberra believes strongly in the importance of participating in group musical lessons, ensembles and other experiences to enrich each individual player’s self-confidence, musical aptitude, and feelings of social inclusion, we understand that individual, private music tuition lessons with a skilled, professional teacher are critical in the learning phase, and for those pursing an ongoing excellence pathway. Or: some of us are just more comfortable taking the first steps in a new skill in private, not in a crowd, and that’s ok too!

Individual music lessons are a great starting point to fast-track your technique if you’re learning an instrument from scratch; you may also wish to build your confidence on your instrument for a few terms or a year before transitioning into one of our groups or ensembles. Participants in our string and orchestral stream groups are required to take individual instrumental lessons in addition to their ensemble work (this can be with an MFC tutor, externally, or through your child’s school).

From here we certainly encourage learning in a group class for the more social aspect, and to offer more interesting musical & creative challenges which are possible with other players, but if you’re more comfortable in your solo lessons that’s fine too!

What are the class fees for taking private music lessons?

Fees change from time to time, and fees are lower for some students, including those living with disability. Please check our current class program for an up-to-date list of fees.

The fees for individual lessons are a little higher than learning in a group; if the cost is a concern, please contact our office to discuss the option of paying in installments. There is also the option to take a 45-minute shared lesson, sharing the teacher with one other student, if there is another student of similar level willing to participate in a shared lesson (or you may already have a friend or family member you’d like to share a lesson with); again please discuss this with our office.

What instruments can I learn with a private music teacher at Music For Canberra?

Teaching days*
Instrument Tutor Mons Tues Weds Thurs Fri
Brass Zach
Cello Rita
Drumming Toby
Flute Barbara
Guitar Mary
Guitar, Bass Kyle
Piano Susan
Recorder Barbara
Singing Sarahlouise
Violin Mary
Woodwind David

Music For Canberra believes strongly in the importance of performance in improving the self-confidence and musical ability of students of all ages, and private music students who would like to are certainly encouraged to participate in concerts and other community events (but are under no pressure if they don’t wish to).

If you would like to find out more about finding a music teacher for individual music lessons, please contact us at the office.

Regularly check the Events page to see what musical opportunities we have coming up that you can get involved in; you can also follow Music For Canberra on Facebook for our latest news, and to find photos of all our past events.