Review: Canberra Youth Orchestra’s ‘Dvorak’

June 28, 2016

Sunday 26th June 2016

Canberra Youth Orchestra present ICONS 02: Dvorak

On Sunday 26th June, the Canberra Youth Orchestra presented ICONS 02: Dvorak – the second in their 2016 Llewellyn Hall series. The orchestra performed beautifully – as evidenced in the many favorable reviews already coming in!

Jennifer Gall writes in the Canberra Times:

“Edward Neeman leapt into the music with characteristic flair, instinctively attuned to the younger musicians and able to infuse the performance with his dynamic energy. Once a student of Larry Sitsky’s, Neeman’s mastery of Sitsky’s highly physical piano music has prepared him well to execute Gershwin’s rapid-fire chords with unique speed and clarity. I was impressed with the accuracy and uniformity in the voicing of the French horns in this work.”

In his review for City News, Clinton White says:

“The soloists [Dr Edward Neeman & Professor Stephanie Neeman] were as one in the many question/answer and echo passages in this very beautiful work.  Their touches and tempi were perfectly matched as was their expression.  They demanded – and got – excellent accompaniment from the orchestra.”

Jasper Lindell writes on The Somniare:

“On Sunday night, the Canberra Youth Orchestra (CYO) played on a human scale, sharing the odd mix of joy and anguish present when there is a struggle to create something beautiful.

The fourth movement [of Dvorak’s 8th symphony] grew with a wind section strengthened from previous concerts, as the structured melody encapsulated unstructured emotion. Passionate, last-ditched playing – exuberant, present and as close to the edge as possible – saw Dvorak’s 8th to an ending which was hung proudly among us as humans who had been lucky enough to hear it.”

And Len Power writing for the Canberra Critic’s Circle says:

“This was a very entertaining concert with well-chosen works, strong and confident playing by the orchestra and an opportunity to see two master international pianists in top form.”

Congratulations to all our young players! Sincere thanks to our guest soloists – Dr Edward Neeman & Professor Stephanie Neeman – and to our hard-working volunteer managers Mary Tough and Michael Smith.