Review: Rock School at CIT Woden

Monday 4th – Friday 8th July 2016

News: Bands perform at CIT Woden for Rock School July 2016

Holiday students rock out at Rock School

From 4th – 8th July 2016, a bunch of talented young musicians aged 11-16 years met for the first time, and formed brand new bands in our Rock School holiday workshop. They spent the week workshopping songs – including a lot of fantastic original material –  and performed together at CIT Woden on the evening of Friday 8th July.

Our three bands at this July’s Rock School were (in order of performance):
Broken Ruler
Tank Top Thugs
Pink Ceiling

Rock School tutor Kate Firkins says:

“All three bands wrote at least one original this year – we’ll often have one or two bands brave enough to take that on, but it was a Rock School first to have all bands work on originals. Tank Top Thugs actually lost their singer half-way through the week when she unfortunately had to pull out of the program at late notice, so they wrote all of their instrumental songs – it was very funky sort of electronic 80s stuff! All of the bands showed awesome teamwork and were very supportive of each other, both individually and of the other bands.”

Rock School coordinator Michelle Forman agrees:

“We saw some fantastic teamwork between our participants this July – being able to communicate and support your band-mates is one of the most important skills to develop if you’re a young musician hoping to make it in a band further down the line. Some of the most famous bands throughout history report struggling with “artistic differences”, so it’s great to see our participants already tackling those kind of communication challenges in a very mature and open-minded way.”

Many thanks as well to our other tutors Jim Sharrock and Jocie Jensen, both of whom worked on this now-famous program when it was just starting out many years ago – with Jocie even travelling all the way up from Melbourne during her teaching school holidays just to join us for Rock School!

For pictures of this year’s July Rock School workshop, please see our photo album on Facebook.

Our sound engineer is currently editing the audio from Friday’s night’s concert; we will upload the audio tracks below as soon as they’re available (we’ll also post them over on MFC’s Soundcloud page so you can share with friends).