Our Staff

Lindy Reksten

Lindy is a professional musician (cellist) and spent 10 years working in Germany as a cellist in an opera house, as well as teaching at several music schools. Since returning to Australia Lindy has established a busy private teaching studio as well as teaching in several schools and the ANU School of Music, also running the instrumental programs at the ANU Open School of Music. She has been involved with MFC for many years, both as a tutor, a music advisor and many years ago as a member of the board. She was “back in the day” principal cellist in the Canberra Youth Orchestra.

Currently a cellist in the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, Lindy plays for many other organisations around the city and is also one of the player’s reps for the Orchestra. She has recently taken over the coordination of the new Kingsland Resident Artists Program at the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, a program designed to bring young graduate musicians to live and work in Canberra.

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