Our Staff

Marlene Radice
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Kaleidoscope Woodwind Ensemble

Marlene is a classically trained clarinet and saxophonist. She studied composition at the ANU school of music and Monash University and she has since continued her studies participating in festivals in New York, Italy and the UK. As a performer she specialises in contemporary electro-acoustic compositions and has played in venues across Australia. She specialises in teaching Clarinet and Saxophones which she first began studying and performing in Sydney where she was a part of the NSW State Wind Band before moving to Canberra, where she chose to focus on smaller solo and chamber performance. Marlene began teaching at MFC in 2018. She is passionate about supporting new music in Australia and is also on the board of the Tilde New Music and Sound Art Festival held biannually in Melbourne, Australia.
As a teacher she encourages her students to play music they enjoy and to listen as widely as possible to all types of music from different genres, eras, and cultural heritages. She believes music is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and loves teaching people of all ages and abilities and encourages everyone to challenge themselves to try music they might not already be familiar with and to play and gig as much as they can!

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