Our Staff

Quinn Weber

Quinn is a local musician who started learning saxophone at 10 years old. After learning how to play the saxophone for a couple of years, he also pick up flute and clarinet. Quinn is at present a well-regarded tutor who teaches saxophone, flute and clarinet to students across Canberra.

Quinn loves playing in a wide range of ensembles and has played with many groups in Canberra, including the Canberra Youth Orchestra, National Capital Orchestra, Blamey Street Big Band, and many other big bands and smaller jazz and classical combos and ensembles. Outside of the ACT, he has recently performed at the Manly Jazz Festival and Merimbula Jazz Festival.

Quinn is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Music at the Australian National University and hopes to use what he learns there to teach his students to be the best musicians they possibly can be. Quinn values both classical and jazz schools of playing and ensures his students are exposed to a wide variety of repertoire covering various genres.

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