Music for Canberra update

Dear members, 

We have had to postpone the commencement of classes in term 2 until next week (beginning Monday 4 May 2020). We apologise for any frustration, confusion and disappointment may this causes, especially as some of you would have been looking forward to lessons today. However, after consultation with staff and being honest with ourselves about our preparation for the term, we believe delaying the start of the term will produce the best outcome for all, it will allow us to refocus and effectively reset the term.

Staff may be in touch with you over the next few days to communicate what is happening, but if you have any questions, please contact me on While some content changes may occur, it is still intended our programmes will be taught via the online lessons in the MfC Google environment.

As a result of the delay, this term will be 9  weeks long. Invoices will not be sent until the second week of term (beginning Monday 11 May 2020), and you will be only be invoiced for classes, lessons and rehearsals (MfC programming) over the term two (2) dates.

The dates for Term two (2) commences on Monday 4 May 2020 and concludes on Sunday 5 July 2020.

Again, my apologies for the false start and I look forward to commencing Term 2 from Monday 4 May.

Sincerely, Peter.

Peter Thomson
General Manager