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The Solstice Soiree Series

June 30, 2015

Sunday 21st June 2015

On Sunday 21st June, the day of the winter solstice, some woodwind & strings students presented the ‘Solstice Soiree Series’, a series of smaller, soiree-style performances at the Ainslie Arts Centre for family & friends.

Due to our membership having doubled in size with the merge in early 2015, we wanted to avoid one big, long concert, so the Soiree Series was a small trial of what we hope to extrapolate out to all our students in the coming terms.

Some of Barbara’s woodwind students have a 1-hour recital in Room 6, and Erin & Claire’s violin students along with Madeleine’s cello and Mary’s guitar and ukulele students, gave a 1-hour performance in Room 11. For many students – both youth and adults – this was the first time they’d performed in front of an audience which can be quite a daunting first experience.

What we hadn’t anticipated was quite so many enthusiastic family members & friends coming along to watch and support our players, so audience members were flowing out the doors! Next time we will look at working with smaller student groups and also larger performance spaces.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a lovely afternoon of music! We will be working with staff across the organisation in the coming terms, so your teachers will keep you posted about upcoming performance opportunities.

For more pictures of the events, please click through to the photo albums on our Facebook page – as we were dashing between rooms we didn’t get to photograph everyone’s performance so we would love for you to post any pictures you may have from the day to our Facebook page, or tag Music For Canberra in them!